BUNN STX Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

By now, you would think we are biased towards BUNN coffee makers. We are not. The only reason why you see mostly reviews of BUNN coffee makers here is because we trust in BUNN and their reputation for making extremely wonderful coffee makers. And this is also why this review is about the BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee Maker.

This coffee maker is not very well known by coffee drinkers around the world as compared to the likes of other cheaper makes, but the quality of this coffee maker is to be reckoned with! Hundreds of reviews rating this coffee maker to be a top performer in its class come as no surprise at all.

Durably built and complemented with a bold and contemporary design, this one-of-a-kind home brewing system is capable of making up to 10 cups of superb-tasting coffee. Want to drink tea instead? No problem, the BUNN STX Specialty keeps water hot for you in case you need it for tea or any other hot beverages.  Its stainless-steel water tank comes with an internal thermostat which preserves an ideal brewing temperature of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure maximum flavor and minimal brewing time.

Utilising its unique and patented brewing system, the BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee Maker ensures water is maintained the correct temperature. It also creates turbulence in the filter basket to fully extract maximum flavor of coffee and brews quickly in 3-4 minutes to ensure that your coffee is well extracted and never bitter (bitterness is a sign of over-extraction). The patented spray head design works by showering water very quickly and evenly on the ground coffee to ensure that they float and maximum flavor is completely and equally extracted from the ground coffee. What makes the BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup so special is the hot water ready to brew in the water tank.  The water is kept at ideal brewing temperature of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is that whenever you want hot and fresh coffee, it always ready to provide. Coffee lovers will be pleased to know that the thermal carafe keeps the coffee inside with care. The BUNN STX Specialty comes with a stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe which keeps the coffee hot without fear of overheating.

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BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee Maker Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 13.8 x 7.9 x 15.2 inches

Weight: 11.2lbs

Water tank keeps water hot at the right brewing temperature, ready to go!

Want tea? Or just want to brew some coffee quickly? No worries! Since the BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup maintains water at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it is always ready to go!

Patented brewing system makes full flavored coffee that is never over-extracted.

By showering water very quickly and evenly over the coffee grounds, it is ensured that coffee grounds float to allow maximum flavor to be completely and equally extracted from the grounds. This happens in only 3-4 minutes ensuring over-extraction and bitter tasting coffee never happen.

Stainless-steel vacuum insulated carafe ensures coffee is never overheated.

Sometimes, your coffee may taste burnt and stale especially when kept for a long time in the carafe. However, this never happens with the STX. Due to the vacuum insulation, your coffee stays hot all day long with no fear of overheating.

BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee Maker Reviews

The hundreds of positive reviews on the BUNN STX cannot be wrong. With reviews ranging from “quick brewing speed” to “easy to clean”, you can be assured that you are not making the wrong decision buying a BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee Maker.

Many satisfied owners of the STX affirmed of the coffee maker’s speed. A reviewer was looking high and low for a coffee maker that was quick until he came across a STX. He even mentioned that it only took 2 and half minutes to the last drop from the basket. He was satisfied by the flavor of the coffee.

The vacuum insulated carafe also seems to keep many users content. They like it for the ability to keep their coffee warm without burning. A reviewer stated that the thermal carafe of the STX is unlike traditional glass carafes where the heating element burns the coffee after a period of time and end up throwing the coffee away after some time. However, some users have complained of a leaking carafe. A user has found a solution to this problem; washing the carafe helps as after a number of uses, the oil developed from the coffee keeps the seal from sealing well. It is also worthy to note that BUNN changed the carafe design in 2007 so that it no longer leaks. So, be wary of pre-2007 coffee makers.

While the price is higher compared to other generic coffee makers with glass carafes, a reviewer mentioned that the difference in taste is noticeable. He assures that the price if fair for what one gets. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The BUNN STX is also pretty large in size, so do be prepared to clear some space on your counter to be able to fit this coffee maker.

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With most people loving their BUNN STX more than they had ever loved their other coffee makers they have ever owned, we guarantee that you will not regret spending the extra penny buying this coffee maker. The taste of the coffee brewed is especially hard to look past. Did we also mention that it brews quickly and stays fresh all day long in the vacuum insulated carafe? If speed and quality is what you are looking for, the BUNN STX Specialty 10-cup Home Coffee maker will not disappoint.

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